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Our team here at Elite Video of St. Petersburg holds our Videography and Photography quality at a certain level of standard, it is especially important if you’re shooting for commercial use. We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers by providing quality services.

We have been working in the business for more than a decade, during that time we have mastered all aspects of the process. Our combined experience guarantees an effortless production for those who hire us because we know how to get it done right. We take care of everything from filming to polishing your final edit before it’s delivered, in addition we can offer onsite video or photo production services as well as off-site editing and live streaming if you need it.

When choosing videography professionals to work on your commercial videography project, there are a few things that you really need to pay attention to. The most important factor when hiring a videographer is the quality of the video production services they provide. At Elite Video of St. Petersburg we have built an excellent reputation for our work ethic and commitment to provide you with the best results possible.

We offer a wide range of commercial videography services and our team is very experienced in all areas, especially corporate events. Our creative video production services are what really distinguishes us from other videographers, we offer a wide variety of styles and techniques allowing us to provide a solution for any need you might have.

Planning Process

It is important to discuss our plan before starting in order to make sure we use the most cost-effective equipment and programmes. We have a professional team of consultants that will give you the right advice for your particular project.

Filming Process

We make sure to capture everything that needs to be caught on camera, we capture all of the necessary sound during our recording process without having to edit any background noise in post production.

Video Editing

We work with industry standard editing software and hardware capable of producing a fully polished final product in HD or 4K quality. You can choose to receive the raw footage in the format that you need, or you can select to receive the edited final product. We always provide full editorial services for each specific project such as creating a title sequence, voice over, titles, transitions, titles and credits.

We are local videographers based out of St. Petersburg who provide high-resolution video production services for all your commercial videography needs. If you are looking to hire a professional videographer to help you with your next project, we are here for you. Call us today for more information on commercial videography services here at Elite Video of St. Petersburg, we will make your commercial video ideas come to life!

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