Drone Videography

Drone Videography

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One of the next best things is drones. It is now easy to get an awesome aerial shot using drones. Drones allow local businesses to make good use of more stylized videography. It is easy to use drones to take amazing shots. However, they require registration and they are quite expensive. It is also hard to learn how to operate a drone, so it is risky if you need them for just one event.

Here at Elite Video St. Petertburg, we have experts who are skilled in Drone Operation. Our experts capture the perfect shot. We can help you with small business photography, real estate videography, and capturing the perfect outdoor birthday shot. Have creative ideas? We can incorporate them with our excellent drone videography skills.


Hire a professional videographer to benefit from their skills and unique ideas. Hiring skilled drone operators to take perfect shots is the best thing you can do. You can use drones for multiple things; you can use them to take track shots to follow your subject matter and to take wide panning shots capturing outdoor areas and landscapes.

We can help you create various drone videography effects and styles. Our skilled drone operators can create extraordinary shots for your video projects because they are skillful in aerial and drone techniques. We are sure our production level with excite you.


New York State has Federal Laws concerning the ownership of drones and the use of drones in both private and public areas. It costs money to register a drone and to learn how to operate a drone. So, if you need a drone for single drone videography, then it is expensive to purchase, register your drone, and learn to operate it. It is cheaper to hire certified and registered professionals to take your shots. Get in touch with us if you want to learn more about drone operations in Florida state and to know what we can do and what we cannot do under Federal Law.


Editing drone footage is not the same as normal video editing. It is even expensive to get the best video editing software for drone footage. That is why we are offering a reputable and competitive drone video editing service. Do not pay someone to do half the job when you can have our team of experts complete everything. Do you have great ideas? If so, we are happy to listen to your input and direction during the editing process. Our unrivaled drone videography services will exceed your expectations. Looking for high-quality drone videography and drone videography editing in Buffalo, New York? If yes, contact us today!


Our team of highly skilled and creative experts is committed to producing exactly what you are looking for. Before we complete our client’s videography project, we understand it takes time and effort to capture the perfect aerial shot. That is why we use the latest equipment and techniques to take amazing aerial shots. We make sure our clients know what we will do during the whole process. Let us know if you want to know what we will do during the initial planning until we complete your drone video editing. We will ensure our experts follow your creative plan and stylization. We make sure our clients are happy and satisfied with their videography projects.


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