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There is a multitude of different events that could be planned or organized in St. Petersburg FL, and we have had a hand in almost every different type of event that you could think of. From Live Music Events to Parades, Festivals and Private Events like milestone Birthdays or Corporate Holiday Parties. Elite Video St. Petersburg has a wide range equipment and skills in videography to get any event documented in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Ask our friendly staff today how we can assist you with organizing and completing Videography for Public or Private Events, in the community of St. Petersburg FL.


During consultation or Production Planning, we ensure to get all the information that we need to make everything that you wished for, by asking some important questions. Different events call for different types of equipment. Things like Concerts or Sports can require longer Lenses then what you would need for slower, closer subject matters. It is important that we have all your ideas and necessary requirements, so that we can make sure to provide the correct equipment and staff. Contact us today if you would like to know more about a quick and easy consultations to get the project started.

Public Events

Public Event Videography can be anything from filming Council Events, Parades or even Photographing Music Events or Sporting Events. There often can be a more requirements when it comes to filming Public Events and Outdoor Facilities or Venues. Which is why it always best to have a certified professional when undergoing any Public Event Videography. Always ensuring to stick to strict safety procedures and protocols, you can be confident we know what we are doing, when it comes to Filming or Photographing Public Events. Let or friendly staff know if you have a Public Event coming up that need’s expert Videography and Photography.

Private Events

Private Events can be anything from milestone Birthdays, School Graduations to Corporate Holiday Parties. At Elite Video St. Petersburg, we understand how important it can be to capture these special events and moments with skill and efficiency. Our expert staff can bring a level of professionalism and confidentiality, when supplying Videography or Photography Services for Private Events and Functions. Allowing you to enjoy yourself and let us worry about the Cameras. Contact us today if you are organising a Private Event and would like to know more about hiring a Videography Crew for the day. We will be happy to help you with quick and easy Consultation, with straightforward pricing.

Safety & Confidentiality

There is nothing worse than having to stress about your safety or confidentiality when having your event filmed. No matter if it is a Private or Public Event, we adhere to a strict guide of safety procedures and protocols to ensure the health and safety of our clients and employees. Having meticulous confidentiality contracts with all our employees ensures you can be confident your surprise, stays a surprise when working with the team at Elite Video St. Petersburg. Contact us today if you would like more information and how we ensure health, safety and confidentiality when completing any Videography Service in St. Petersburg FL.

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